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Volunteering at Maidenhead Child Contact Centre

Maidenhead Child Contact Centre offers a facility where children of separated families can enjoy contact with the non-resident parent, and sometimes other family members, in a safe and comfortable environment.

In order to offer this service, volunteers are needed to...

  1. Monitor the Contact.
  2. Control access to and from the Centre, and keep resident and non-resident parents separate.
  3. Keep attendance records.
  4. Do the refreshments.
  5. Prepare and clear up the Centre on the day.
  6. Ensure that the Centre is secure and safe as per our Health and Safety Policy.
  7. Be on hand to assist the families using the Centre.
  8. Be present for the preparation and debriefing sessions led by the Co-ordinator at the beginning and end of sessions.

We recruit in line with our Volunteer Policy and new volunteers will receive training.


During the two hours of contact two volunteers will man the Contact Room, two will man the resident parents’ entrance, and two will man the non-resident parents’ entrance, making six volunteers. The Co-ordinator or Deputy will also be in attendance.

Interested? - then e-mail or write to the Co-ordinator - the address is on the Contact us page.