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Using Maidenhead Child Contact Centre

Many parents are referred to us by solicitors, sometimes in response to instructions from a Family Division judge, when a solicitor will normally fill in the Referral Form. However, parents can by mutual agreement refer themselves, when each of the parents must fill in a separate Referral Form.

We might be needed for a one-off visit or on a regular basis for several years, or just as a hand over point to save parents from meeting.

The Meeting place is at The United Reformed Church, West Street, Maidenhead, SL6 1RL, opposite the back door of Marks and Spencers. Click here to view a map. Please send any mail to the Co-ordinator at this address, as shown above.

There are two Contacts every month, on the second and fourth Saturdays of the month, from 2pm to 4pm.

You may find it useful to view our Policies and Procedures, which give a clear picture of how we operate.


Guidance for Users of the Centre

  1. On your first visit Parents will be asked to arrive at different times. This will enable the Co-ordinator to explain the workings of the Centre and hopefully help to make both parties at ease so that the maximum benefit can be obtained from the contact.
  2. We do not provide supervised contact on a listening one to one basis We do not provide reports for the court. We are independent of all statutory bodies. We will however provide dates and times of all arrivals and departures. We do not negotiate, but support contact arrangements, therefore before contact agreement must have been reached on...
    • time, length and frequency of contact.
    • Whether the child can be taken out of the Centre by the visitor.
    • Who else is allowed to visit ie. half-brothers/sisters, grandparents etc.
    • Whether the visitor is to wait behind for five minutes after contact before leaving the venue.
  3. There is no charge for using the Centre.
  4. Refreshments are available.
  5. There is a waiting room away from the play area.
  6. Parents remain responsible for the safety and supervision of their children whilst at the Centre and are asked to ensure that church property is respected.
  7. Children must not be left at the Centre without a Parent in attendance.
  8. Children cannot be taken from the Centre without prior written consent from the resident Parent.
  9. No alcohol or drugs are allowed at the Centre. Entry can be refused by the staff. Smoking is not permitted on the premises and the use of mobile phones is discouraged.
  10. The Parent leaving the child at the Centre must provide a contact number if they wish to leave the premises.
  11. A Parent who cannot keep an appointment should let their former partner know or leave a message at the Centre or inform the Co-ordinator. Use the telephone contact details on the Contact us page.
  12. As this is a special time for children to spend with the Parent with whom they do not live we suggest that initially only Parents attend. New partners, family members, or friends may come along later, with the prior agreement of a solicitor.
  13. Please use the doors marked appropriate for you.
  14. The use of mobile phones in the Centre is discouraged.
  15. CAFCASS Officers and Social Workers occasionally may arrange with a family to meet them at Contact Centre. Any such visits will be agreed with the Centre Co-Ordinator and the Family in advance.