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Maidenhead Child Contact Centre Leaflets

You can print your own leaflet for Maidenhead Child Contact Centre by following the instructions here. This provides you with a handy reference you can carry with you.

Ideally - use an A4 colour printer, preferably a laser printer rather than an ink-jet printer and select a suitable paper - white 130gm gloss-coated double-sided laser paper is ideal, although regular good-quality double-sided white paper will suffice if necessary. Place sufficient sheets in the paper tray, removing any different paper.

If you do not have such a printer, use whatever is available - the end result will not be so good, but will still be perfectly adequate for most purposes.

Click here to view the full leaflet in Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Note - if you have a single-sided printer, you will have to print all the first sides, then reload those sheets in the printer tray and print the second sides on the reverse of the sheets. Be careful to fit the sheets in the correct way up and round for the second page - experiment with one at a time if you are not sure. Alternatively, simply print the leaflet as two sheets.

Now click on the Print icon - the print dialogue appears. If the Acrobat window appears embedded inside an Internet Explorer window, be careful to select the Print button associated with Acrobat rather than the one associated with Internet Explorer, viz.. ...

Centre leaflet print button

Set the number of copies to the number of leaflets you want, ensure “Page scaling” is set to “None”, then click the “Print” button at the bottom of the dialogue.

Wait for the pages to finish printing, then close the leaflet window by clicking on the “x” button at the top right.

Folding the leaflets

If the leaflets have been printed on a laser printer or a photocopier, where the pigment is fixed by heat, then before folding the leaflets lay them out for a few hours to re-humidify, or the folded edges may be rough. Also, do not make the folds too sharp, or the edges will still be rough.

To fold them, lay the unfolded leaflet down on a table in front of you, with the short edge of the paper that carries the “hands and child” logo nearest you but facing down. Lift that edge and fold it over so that the edge of the sheet more or less lines up with the column separator line further away from you. Flatten the fold.

Now tuck the far short edge into the fold you have just made, tucking it right in to the fold. Finally flatten the fold.

Now if you wish a really sharp fold, rest the folded leaflets on a table for 24 hours, then sharpen the edges. This avoids rough edges.