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Finding a Centre near you


There is another Child Contact Centre locally - Church Street, Slough Child Contact Centre.

But what if you don’t live near Maidenhead and want to find a Child Contact Centre local to you? First go to Google and in the search box enter the name of your town, then a space, then in double quotes “Child Contact Centre”. Click on the “pages from the UK” radio button. It should look like this...


Click on the “Google Search” button. If that fails, try nearby towns.

Failing that, contact the NACCC either by phone on the Infoline number at the top of the page, or by e-Mail. To use e-Mail you must have ready access to a computer, be computer literate and have an email address. Simply select the county or area in the left box, then from the right box select the nearest town to you from the list. Click on “Search”. You will see pairs of links appear below, one with the name of the contact centre (clicking on this is meant to highlight the centre on the map but this works for only the first listed centre) and “more info” - click on the latter, then fill in the contact form and click “Contact us”. The map can help you choose the nearest, but where there are several centre possibilities the map pointer may not identify the selected one, but only the first on the list.

You can also ask the Co-ordinator of any Contact Centre. If you have a Family Law solicitor he or she will often be able to help.